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Boiler cleaners 
for oil, gas and solid fuel boilers

Boiler cleaners Page -1-
Boiler cleaner - Sotin 100 - for solid fuel boilers,granulate
Boiler cleaner - Sotin 221S - for oil-fired boilers
Boiler cleaner - Sotin 221 SM 94 - for oil-fired boilers - spray can
Power cleaner - Sotin 2000 - for cast-iron and other boilers
De-sooter - Sotin 222 - for oil-fired, gas and solid fuel boilers (wood, coal, coke) and oil burners

Boiler cleaners Page -2-

Cleaner for gas boilers an gas water heaters - Sotin 230
Cleaner for gas boilers and gas water heaters - Sotin 230 GA - spray can
Rapid de-sooter - Sotin Nr. 3 - for oil burners

Special boiler and heater cleaner Sotin 240

Shining soot and wood tar remover - Sotin 255 - for oil and solid fuel burning boiler installations

Boiler cleaners Page -3-

Sotin "Heating boiler cleaning" Service-Box - all essential Sotin agents and equipment easily accessible in one place.

Boiler cleaners Page -4-

Combustion chamber cleaning kit - Sotin WTF1
Cleaner for combustion chambers - Sotin 300 - ready for use

Boiler cleaners Page -5-

Cleaner for burners - Sotin 290
Protector - Sotin 500 - Corrosion protection for burners, boiler and equipment during idle times
Rust converter - Sotin 550 RS - for heating boilers
Cleaner for chimney glass and accessories - Sotin 120
Tar remover - Sotin 250

Boiler cleaners Page -6-

Fuel oil additive - Sotin F4 - for less soot and more energy
Anti-freeze fuel oil diesel additive - Sotin F6


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