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Air conditioner cleaner Sotin K 54
With disinfectant and odour eliminator
Removes and prevents mould, fungi, sprouting seeds, bacteria and foul odours.
Eliminates unpleasant odours.
Spray on and leave to act. Formation of condensation water and drainage means self-cleaning.





400 ml spray can



Electrical contact cleaner Sotin E 95
Cleans and removes greasy stains and loosens all encrustations on contacts. Prevents loss of power and prevents faults. Medium-fast residue-free evaporation.
Corrosion inhibitor. Water-repellent.

 95-04 400 ml spray can

Electrical insulation spray Sotin E 96
Clear finishing varnish on acrylic resin base, giving maximum possible protection from corrosion and oxidisation and giving the treated surfaces a new skin. Slows down build-up of dirt and makes cleaning easier at a later stage.
The resistant film has outstanding adhesive properties for all normal materials, such as metal, plastic, glass, wood, etc



400 ml spray can

Electronics protection spray Sotin E 99
Eliminates and prevents creeping currents and voltage losses, protects fuses, contacts, cable connectors etc. from oxidisation.
Removes and expels water. Frees rusted contacts and gives permanent protection from corrosion.



400 ml spray can

Compressed air spray Sotin D 98 

For cleaning under pressure. Especially suitable for cleaning and dusting inaccessible spots such as chinks, joints, cracks and seams and for computer keyboards and electronic components.
D98 is also especially suitable for compressed air cleaning of machine accessories and equipment, cameras etc. May be used in places where there is a risk of fire and on parts connected to the power-supply.

 98-04400 ml spray can

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